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Building, Protecting & Passing Your Living Legacy

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Frank and Melissa have retired and are having fun traveling and spending time with their children and grandchildren. While they did a good job planning for and setting themselves up for retirement, they have done little with regards to thinking through what they want their legacy to be.

They are concerned that they do not have a true legacy plan in place, In reality, they do. Whether intentional or not, each of us has built a legacy and a "plan" to accompany it. Frank and Melissa want to focus on creating a legacy for their children and community. They want to have control over what they are known for now and remembered for later. Their children previously have had little insight into their finances. Ideally, they would like to have a discussion with them BEFORE they ultimately inherit the assets. Frank and Melissa would also like to set aside a portion of their portfolio to give to charities that they currently support.

This is where we can help! Legacy planning is so much more than having an estate planning attorney create estate documents for you. It is part of a holistic planning process. During this process, we can assist with building a financial plan and rearranging their investments to help ensure a strong financial legacy for their children, grandchildren, and favorite philanthropic organizations.

We will work with Frank and Melissa to: 

· Talk through and define their legacy goals, for both while they are living and when the assets are to be inherited.

· Review their existing account types and how they would pass, beneficiary designations, and existing estate planning documents to ensure they are maximizing what they can leave their family and charities in the most straightforward and/or tax efficient manner.

· Meet with Frank, Melissa, and their estate planning attorney to discuss and assist with updating their estate plan and creating new documents such as trusts if need be.

· Assist in retitling investments accordingly and the creation of accounts necessary to accomplish their family and charitable goals.

· Work with their children to develop their own unique plans, build good habits, and prepare to continue the family legacy.

These are some examples of how we have helped clients in a similar situation, however the list does not end here. Each client will have their own unique set of needs, goals, and ultimate legacy plan. You have worked hard to accumulate your assets and portfolio, so protecting and passing on your assets how you wish is critical.

We invite you to contact us using the form below for more information on putting a plan in place!

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