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Financially Independent & Retire Happy

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Grace is widowed with two children and several grandchildren and is approaching retirement. She has been employed in her industry for over 40 years saving for retirement and is now ready to take the next step to retire. She's looking forward to enjoying the next chapter of her life.

Her goals include building an income distribution strategy for retirement to replace her current income and optimizing her assets, including employer 401(k) and pension. 

This is where we can help! We take pride in being involved in our clients milestones. With retirement comes many emotional decisions, as well as financial, and we can help to talk through these decisions and ensure that you have a plan in place that makes you feel as comfortable as possible.

We will work with Grace to:

· Review and define her retirement goals including what retirement ideally looks like to her (i.e. part-time or volunteer work, increased travel etc.).

· Help her understand her pension options and what will make the most sense for her situation.

· Weigh her available Social Security options, including potentially using her spousal benefit.

· Evaluate her investments, including employer 401(k) to ensure they are properly aligned to her goals.

· Review expected expenses, cash-flow, and assumptions in retirement and align her retirement income plan with her portfolio.

· Review her options for long-term care as she ages; including funding options and planning.

· Develop an estate plan to efficiently pass on her legacy to her heirs.

These are some examples of how we have helped clients in a similar situation, however the list does not end here. Everyone has their own unique set of wants, needs, and goals and we are here to talk this through and help you build a plan for it. 

We invite you to contact us using the form below for more information on putting a plan in place!

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